S:0864 Great Fear: Scarcity

(Great fears are barriers to experiencing your real life.)


To have too little, or feel you have too little, is scary for everyone. The fear of scarcity is, therefore, a major motivator in the world. Notice that (most?) advertising plays to this fear. “If you’ll just buy _______ from us, then you can be tall/beautiful/the-envy-of-your-friends/okay.” In other words, that which you were lacking is now fixed.

If this belief that you don’t have ‘enough’ is felt and thought, then it is true for you whether evidence in the physical world supports that or not. For instance, have you ever known someone who has gone after an outcome, enjoyed getting it for milliseconds, then raised the bar to charge after even more? It’s called having the dreaded ‘more’ disease. This behavior is usually a sign of feeling a scarcity.

An easy, quick, and effective way to resolve the fear of scarcity is to experience reserves. When you feel/have reserves in a given area of your life scarcity tends to fade. Types of reserves include money, of course, but also love, health/energy/vitality, opportunities, ideas, friends/relationships, spirit, contribution, acceptance, and inspiration. You can probably add additional types to this list.

Build your reserves to eliminate the fear of scarcity. List the areas where you already have reserves and notice how different your energy is in those areas. Then pick one other area and build reserves there.

Over time, the fear of scarcity fades.


Coaching Point: What is one area in which you currently have abundant reserves and thus have no fear of scarcity?


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