(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


An (all too) common characteristic of the human condition is our amazing ability to avoid seeing truth/reality. Instead, we choose to see whatever it is which confirms what we want to see, our existing bias’s. This characteristic is called, naturally, confirmation bias.

A more comprehensive definition says “we seek out and trust information that confirms what we already think or believe or want to believe. Further, we avoid or discount information that goes against what we believe or want to believe.”

For example, do you willingly read articles posted by the ‘other’ side of your political beliefs? Or do you just read the ones from ‘your’ side?

Confirmation bias is the root of many problems. Problems result from self-imposed blindness, sort of mental cataracts, if you will. Being unwilling to see what-is-so slows your progress.

There are several reasons or causes of confirmation bias, but they go beyond the depth of this S3MC.

The point here is for you to be willing to be open to notice confirmation bias when it bites you in your beliefs.


Coaching Point: What are you doing about it?


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