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“Happiness is not the point. Happiness is the pointer.”

Steve Straus


Coaching Point: Some thought leaders argue against happiness being the purpose of the evolutionary process. They say it’s folly to imagine that the outcome of fourteen billion years of evolution (or six thousand years after creation, take your pick — the theme of this S3MC is independent of your beliefs) leads only to Man being happy.

Agreed. Happiness (or satisfaction/pleasure/ contentment/etc.) doesn’t seem a likely endpoint.

However, happiness (or satisfaction/etc.) is quite useful to your journey. Positive, uplifting feelings are indicators that you are on your path or at least headed more toward it. What is meant by the word ‘path?’ It’s your journey, your reason for being, your life purpose. When you are living your life purpose you feel better. You feel good or happy. When you are off your path life gets hard, suffering shows up.

Thus happiness is not the point of life, it is the pointer on your compass. The more you notice how good you’re feeling the more likely you are to be living the full expression of your life.

Is your pointer clear to you?


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