(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Proficiency is Perishable.

[As always, these S3MC’s aren’t really about me. I’m just the example here.]

The truth about proficiency intruded my space recently. Having deferred learning to fly for forty years, I happily earned my Private Pilot’s license a couple of years ago. To pass the certification requirements I flew a lot. And frequently. For two years I flew two very different-handling airplanes.

My proficiency grew.

Then life happened. The planes I was renting became unavailable to me. (One was wrecked and totaled by a student, the other plane’s owner died and his family put it up for sale.) I have not yet found another airplane to rent, thus I have not flown in months.

My proficiency has diminished.

It would be foolish to jump in a new-to-me plane and take off into the wild blue yonder without first having an instructor accompany me for a couple of hours, or more, of dual instruction. This will help me regain my proficiency.

Where have you let your proficiency perish due to lack of use?

Perhaps an even bigger question is, where do you imagine that you are still proficient, but really haven’t tested it lately?

Where would having an “instructor” accompany you be a good idea? (In answering this question look at all areas of your life.)


Coaching Point: Do you agree that Proficiency is Perishable?


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