(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Letting go is an art. Initially it is a skill to be developed, but once developed, it becomes an art. Your art.

That’s because the way you learn to let go will be unique, in all the universe. I cannot tell you exactly what letting go means for you, nor can anyone else. You will discover that for yourself.

Sure, get help, use a guide to shorten the learning curve. Learning to let go doesn’t have to be hard. But even as you may be nodding your head in agreement with the suggestion to let go, you may also be thinking that you don’t know what letting go means.

It means, work as hard as you want, but never feel it’s ‘you against them.’ Let go of comparing yourself to others.

It means, don’t take anything personally. What ‘they’ say is about them, not you. Even if they think it’s about you and want you to agree, you don’t have to. Let go of their opinions about you.

It means, choosing to not suffer. Feel whatever pain you must, then let go of it.

It means, being willing to adjust your goals, if you’re not achieving them. Let go of them and pick new ones which you can achieve. You can go for the ‘bigger’ goals later.


Coaching Point: Do you know that mastering the art of Letting Go will change your reality?


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