S:0891 Quote: Life Purpose

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“A Life Purpose is not a job description, nor is a job description a Life Purpose. They are related,however.”

Scott Ochoa


Coaching Point: So often people get caught up in their job/ occupation/profession/business that they forget to pause and ask, “Now, what is my Life about?”

‘Earning a living.’ ‘Making money.’ ‘Working.’ ‘Trying to keep the wolf from the door.’ These labels of various activities tend to result in a job description. Job descriptions are useful tools to help you focus your energy, measure progress, and provide structure for your efforts. So, for sure, create any useful job description you want.

But keep in mind the well-known quote from Socrates — “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Before writing your next job description take some time to examine your Life. What is really important to you? What is less important than that? And less than that? And not really important, to you, at all? What do you value? What legacy do you want to leave? In other words, who are you, really?

(Get help with this if you find solo self-examination daunting.)

Look through these Life lenses to review your current job description. Are they in sync? Can they be?


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