(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)


“My occur muscle works better when I’m talking with you.”

Said to a Coach by a Client


Coaching Point: Occur muscle? What’s that?

The client explained that when he is talking with his Coach things occur to him that don’t when he’s not. He called it his occur muscle because the more he exercises it the stronger it gets.

[No, this is not a blatant attempt at promoting Coaching — although I’m certainly not above that! — I wasn’t the Coach in this example.]

What it is is yet another way of expressing the desirability of having someone you can talk with to help you see things from different perspectives. To help you have things occur to you which you might not have on your own. I call them ah-ha’s.

Final thought: Who do you help exercise their occur muscle? And have you found that you benefit from it as much as they? Pretty cool.


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