(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)


“What is one thing which holds me back from having what I really want?”

Coaching Point: Is your hold-back outside you or inside you?

If outside, what do you need to change?

If inside,….what do you need to change?

Outside/inside, maybe it’s just your perception.

Now might be a good time to identify the hold-back, to see it and acknowledge it. Look it in the eye. When you do, it never seems as big as when you try to ignore it or think “what’s the use?”

Then, take an action — almost any action — toward resolving the hold-back.

In its absence, the outcome you want, really want, tends to show up.

This approach, direct and simple, is in contrast to traditional thinking which is to push on the outcome while trying to overcome the hold-back.

What’s holding you back?


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