(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


A good friend, client, colleague, and mentor to me passed away recently. Those who knew him spoke of his ‘magic.’ I think I may know what at least part of that magic was about. You may have it also.

John Barnes always saw the authentic part of each person with whom he came in contact.

He was unaffected by — really didn’t seem to even notice — their fears, emotional neediness, petty behavior, how they judged others, and their well-constructed, form-fitting masks. Things which are such a part of our human journey. These were transparent to him, passed by him like smoke from a wood fire.

Instead, he saw and connected with who and what you really are. That’s what he played with, encouraged, challenged, supported, taught, coached, and helped grow. And delighted in when you did! He knew, when you grew, he did also.

I confess that what John modeled has not fully taken hold in me. Yet!

But all I have to remember is how joyful his approach made him and I’m, once again, encouraged to see the authentic in others and go play there.


Coaching Point: You probably have someone in whom you only see their authenticity. Who is it? Can you carry that approach to all your connections?


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