(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Normal. A dictionary may define normal as “average, usual, conforming, ordinary, common.” Wow, to be called normal sounds like an insult! Yet, historically, that’s what you and I have been normed (there’s that word again) into being and to serving.

In a recent presentation, Seth Godin showed how a normal market, as illustrated by a traditional bell curve, is the big chunk in the middle of the curve. Because of it’s size and uniformity/homogeneity we used to target most of our effort there.

But you and I aren’t normal! We have our unique set of interests, values, passions, and desires. They are OUR normal. Which is what Godin went on to point out. The bell curve has flattened and now more of us are outside the old normal range than are in it.

The world has become comprised of a vast set of different groups, each with their unique attributes. He likes to call them tribes.

Why is Normal the subject of this S3MC?

It’s because you (by subscribing, reading, interacting and forwarding them) and I (by writing and distributing them), in a way, describe a tribe, a group with some shared attributes. We are our own Normal.

We belong here only by choice. You can unsubscribe at any time. Or, you can share these thoughts, ideas, and stimulators with others, thereby adding to the wisdom of the group. Help define it even.


Coaching Point: With any tribe or community there is a shared sense of belonging. We like that feeling. How do you want to this group, this resource, to grow? What will serve you best?


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