(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Much has been written and said about the word abundance. Most of it is not too useful. When you cut through the noise abundance is really quite simple.

Abundance is a feeling. When you have it, when you ‘get’ it, when you unconsciously come from that state of being, you feel really good.

To ‘make sure’ abundance shows up is it useful to have abundance be one of your goals? In my experience, not really. It seems much better to have it be a by-product which flows out of living a great life. If you focus on ‘making’ abundance happen, it’s easy to get attached to some rigid metric and miss the whole point.

Pay attention to some area of your life where you already experience abundance and notice how it feels. Now, imagine having that feeling spread to all areas. It’s in you, not in the things, events, relationships, or metrics. Let go of trying to be too specific.

Abundance is like a deep satisfying breath. Unbounded, free.

En route to abundance you may pass through scarcity, shortage, not enough, enough, more, even much. But each of those lack the deep abiding peaceful expansion which is the state of abundance. I would argue that it is your natural state, perhaps patiently waiting for you to reclaim it.


Coaching Point: Where do you experience abundance now?


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