(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Is there something you want to ask for, but find yourself holding back. Everybody holds back from asking for what they want from time to time. Why? It’s just an ask. Asking doesn’t seem to be that difficult. Well, it is.

If there is something you want and you’re not asking for it, it’s because you have one or more inner barriers in place. You’re afraid: of not being able to word your ask well enough; of being thought less of for asking; of fearing having your ask rejected; of (okay, I have to do this) falling on your ask.

They’re all just stories you’ve made up. Still, you don’t ask for what you want. Because they’re painful. When you touch the stories they hurt.

Solution: get clear about each inner barrier (story) and use whatever processes available to you to resolve it completely. I use a half a dozen different techniques with folks. There are countless techniques and processes around. Use them.

Until — it never hurts to ask.


Coaching Point: What do you want to ask for now?


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