(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


You’ll appreciate the irony of this.

I knew Wait For Clarity was a topic for an S3MC, knew it was something I wanted to share with you. I remembered how it had taken me many years to awaken to the truth of this principle. So I sat down to write it.

For days nothing came up. No insights, no language, no examples, no stories. I thought about trashing the idea and moving on to another topic.

Then it hit me. The message in waiting for clarity is simply…wait for clarity. There was nothing for me to illustrate, nothing for me to DO.

[In the StrengthsFinder assessment Activator is in my top five Talents, thus I’m wired to want to pull the trigger and get on with it!]

In any situation, if you’re not certain, if you don’t have a compelling pull or push, wait. Clarity will come.

Waiting for clarity is a valid answer to the question of, “What’s next?”


Coaching Point: Did you get this quicker than I did?


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