(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Tools. What does that word evoke in you?

I remember my father’s tools. He had good tools of many varieties, he maintained them well, and, perhaps most importantly, he knew how to use them to accomplish the job for which each was designed.

But each job was the objective. The tools were, well, tools to get the job done. The better the tools the better the completed job.

Painters (fine art or house) have a variety of brushes. Business owners have spreadsheets, marketing programs, and budgets. Baseball players have gloves and bats. Psychologists have models of human behavior. Every profession has its tools.

One of Life’s little simplifiers is to know the importance of having and using the right tools. Some people have limited toolkit. Others have tools, but don’t know how to use them well. Some have tools which have become obsolete. Still using a slide rule? (Humph, ‘slide rule’ wasn’t even in the spell checker!)

You have a toolkit. Is it full? Of good tools?

Most of my dad’s tools are still relevant and in use today long after he’s been gone. Good tools are like that.


Coaching Point: What good new tools are you adding to your toolkit?


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