(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Growing up in a family with modest financial means and being children of parents who experienced the Depression my brother and I were shaped by several unspoken ‘rules’ about money. One which was spoken, a lot, was to “not order anything too expensive” on the rare occasions when the family went to a restaurant. What we wanted came in a distant second to what was financially ‘appropriate.’

You may be thinking that was a useful approach to money and at one level it was. Obviously, if you only have a dollar, ordering two dollars of food is not a good idea. However, our family awareness of the cost of food…no, not awareness…obsession, led to a self-imposed price prison. It carried over to other areas and took years to catch and then correct.

You may want to revisit your money spending beliefs. Money limitations can be resolved simply by choosing to create reserves and then live from that place.

Limitations in areas besides money can be resolved by creating reserves in each. Energy/vitality, ideas/creativity, love/relationships, time and space, all benefit from having reserves. Reserves help transcend limitations.

When you order what you want without first looking at the price to see if you can ‘afford it’ you experience a delightful freedom. If it feels too scary to do so, don’t go into that restaurant!


Coaching Point: Do you have the freedom to order what you want?


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