(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Emotions can run your life. They can stand as barriers to your success. Unexamined and unchecked, emotions cause you to repeat undesirable results.

Highly successful people exhibit emotional competence. Emotionally competent people feel plenty of emotions, they just deal with them better than most.

The key, then, is how do you increase your emotional competence?

Wisdom gained in recent years shows that emotional barriers have two components. There is the content, which is the story, conditioning, feelings, and reactions. And then there is the energy which powers the emotional reactions.

Changing the content (erasing memories, reframing stories, overriding strong conditioning) is hard.

Resolving or unplugging the energy is easy. The content remains, but, with the energy gone, has no effect.

Even if you don’t yet have tools for resolving the energy, notice that by simply separating the content from the energy you start to gain emotional competence. That creates a space where you can be at choice rather than automatically reacting to an emotion. It puts you in charge rather than the emotion. You begin to notice better results in your life.


Coaching Point: Fear is the cause of many emotional reactions. What is one fear you have? Can you begin to resolve its energy?


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