(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


[Today’s S3MC, for the first time, is by a guest author, Mike Straus.]

I recently caught myself saying “I wish I had…” on a couple of occasions. I spent some time thinking about these four little words and determined they have a past and a present, but no traction for the future.

Past: “I wish I had done this instead” or “I wish I had said this to her.” Those things were done or not, said or left unspoken, wishing won’t change them.

Present: “I wish I had more money” or “I wish I had a new car.” Yeah, so what? It is not clear how that effects the present. Wishing is hollow.

I can’t come up with a statement which allows me to connect the future to a wish. Instead I discover the want which lives inside the wish. A ‘want’ allows me to…

Visualize: Make a clear picture of how I want the future to look.

Plan: Make a plan, map, or guide to get to that image.

Discover: Any internal thought barriers to having what I want and resolve them.

Execute: Set things in motion that will lead me down the path.

Adjust: Reality will present itself as I experience that journey.

Achieve: Arrive at where I want to be with a clear and concise outcome.

A want has traction. A wish doesn’t.


Coaching Point: What do you want? Not just wish, really want?


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