(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


I like cookies. I like to eat them and I like to create recipes and bake them. So, you might rightly ask, how do cookies relate to this S3MC topic of Change?

After 18+ years of ‘baking’ and sending out these weekly Coaching thoughts for you to ‘eat’ I’ve recognized the need for a change.

Some of you, probably most, are only interested in receiving and reading these each week. You’re my ‘eaters.’ All bakers need eaters, otherwise, what’s the point? For those of you in this category, enjoy. You’ll still get your weekly delivery of S3MC.

But I’ve come to realize there are some of you who want more. You want to get your hands in the dough or at least have input to the recipes. (Okay, I better let this cookie analogy go; you get my point.) For you folks there will be more.

But I had a problem — how to identify you and how to interact with you more than the people who only want to receive and read the weekly missive?

A solution has emerged. Through several emails about my new free and paid webinars, the new Coaching groups, and the emerging R&D Teams I’ve accumulated a list of folks who want more opportunities for interaction/co-creative experiences. I’ll be maintaining this list separate from the S3MC delivery list. In fact, the folks in the more hands-on community are getting a separate email today letting them know.

If you, in reading this, feel you want to be added to the list, send me an email. But you have to initiate. Of course, at any time later you can choose to opt out.

If you only want to continue to get the weekly S3MC, do nothing.


Coaching Point: Yes, there is a Coaching Point in all this. What big change, maybe even a disruptive change, have you been contemplating? Is it time?


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