(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


For vs. Against

Yes vs. No

Toward vs. Away From

Pull vs. Push

Discern vs. Judge

The common thread through those Distinctions? The right side of each is primarily motivated by one or more fears. Until we catch on to it, an undercurrent of fear powers many, if not most, of our actions. Before you think I’m being too harsh, consider that we have had fear-based behavior so long we are unconscious to it. After all, it has been a basic survival tool throughout human history.

In the modern world we hear:

“Pick up your room young man or there will be….”

“If you don’t make that sale, you’re fired!”

“That check has to come in from our customer so we can make payroll.”

“Maybe I’ll be one who can smoke and not have health problems.”

“I hope this audience likes my presentation (read: likes me).”

“If those people get elected, we’re in deep….”


Coaching Point: The prevalence of fear has numbed us to its presence. What fears do you need to resolve so you can live on the left side of those above Distinctions?


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