(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


It has been demonstrated that when a string is plucked on one guitar in a quiet room filled with guitars the equivalent string on the others will begin to vibrate. The other guitars are said to be in resonance with the source. Resonance is important in your life, too.

Life includes vibrations. Vibrations are waveforms, or simply, waves. Waves of energy are everywhere in life, from short, high frequency waves of sunlight or the signals of your cell phone, to longer waves of music and voices, to very long waves such as seasons or human life cycles. Waves are of the experience of life. Life is the experience of waves.

When you notice that you are resonating with something which feels good to you, you are being subtly drawn into its energy, it’s direction or guidance.

When you feel, you are in resonance with whatever you are feeling. If you don’t feel or notice something, you are not in resonance with it. That’s neither good nor bad, you can’t notice everything all the time. You filter to pick up on that which is useful for you, letting go of the rest.

That which is important to your unique life journey will offer a vibration, a pull. Highly successful people pay attention to, and act on, that with which they resonate.


Coaching Point: What has been resonating with you?


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