(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)


[Cue the music and sing along…]

“(You) never really know. Never really know. Make your plan so carefully, but it burns out of control.

(You) never really see. Though you never really see, something hiding in the shadows brings you screaming to your knees.”

Richie Sambora – text from one of his songs


Coaching Point: Life is uncertain. Always and forever.

Knowing and flowing with uncertainty, your life works better. Resisting, fighting, wishing-it-weren’t-so causes more upset than the sudden twists and turns which will – will – occur.

Instead of being bothered, worried or scared by not knowing, what if you choose to sing along and learn from what emerges when you “make your plan so carefully” and then discover it “burns out of control”?


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