(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


I went to see a popular movie the other day and didn’t much care for it because of the performance of the lead actor. As I thought about it I remembered that an actor has two things going on simultaneously.

First, he or she is fully internal with the character they are portraying. It occupies them completely.

Second, and more importantly for us as the audience, a highly effective actor allows us out here to see what’s going on in there. To see into that character the actor is portraying.

The actor in this movie was in there with his character alone. He may well have understood and been absorbed into the character, but we (okay, I) couldn’t see it.

It then dawned on me we have the same issues when we are being and communicating authenticity.

First, we fully occupy who we are. We’re clear about our motivations, values, purpose, intentions, indeed the essence of our life journey as we know it in the moment. That is our authenticity.

Second, we feel no need to protect it nor hide it. We allow, naturally allow, others to see who we really are. Thus, we communicate our authenticity.


Coaching Point: Are you fully who you are? Do you allow us to see it?


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