(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Probably is useful … except when it isn’t.

Probably is approximate. Probably uses assumptions, your experiences, intellect, and trends. A benefit of probably is speed. You don’t have to wait around long to take action when you’re probably sure of the outcome.

The downside of probably is the risk of being incorrect. Ever once in a while you may get smacked by probably and, depending on the situation, it could even be fatal.

A counterpoint to probably is certainty. Certainty is absolute. It leaves no room for error. It’s appropriate to wait for certainty when the outcome is high-risk.

The downside to certainty is you may miss out. A healthy dose of probably can take advantage of windows of opportunity which open and close quickly. Certainty can need data. And more data. Until the opportunity passes.

The phrase “probably is useful … except when it isn’t” is to serve as a trigger for you to take stock of where you are on the probably/certainty continuum.


Coaching Point: Have you ever been burned by probably or left behind by certainty?


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