(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


“No Pain, No Gain” is a phrase known to most. Pain is a motivator which has powered much gain. A lot has been accomplished by people in action to escape or lessen pain. Pain has the great attribute of being un-ignorable; it will always make itself known.

So there is plenty of joy in pain. Not in the pain itself, unless you’re a masochist, but joy in the outcomes it has caused.

Another joy in pain is the joy others get by having you do their bidding under the threat of pain. Lots of joy in that — for them!

But allowing yourself to be motivated by pain is to miss out on the amazing life you can have in the absence of it. When you’re going for an outcome you really want and are drawn to, one in alignment with your path, additional resources and energy magically show up to assist you. Not so with a pain-based approach. Pain just seems to compound more pain.

Also, the cost of relying on pain as your main motivator increases as you age. It takes more and more pain energy to accomplish the same outcomes.

To summarize, pain has it’s uses, it’s joys if you will, but it has high and increasing costs. Resolving the sources of your pains and replacing old pain- based actions with healthier ones gives much more pleasing results.


Coaching Point: Why don’t you acknowledge the pains you have and use their motivating energy to handle them one by one until you’re living every day in the joy of life?


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