S:0985 Principle: To Carry

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied,cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Suffer is a word derived from the Latin meaning ‘to carry.’ To suffer is to carry something which does not bring you happiness. Resentments? Incompleteness? Burdens? Sadness? Anger? What-might-have-been? The list of what may cause you to suffer is unique to you and your journey.

Do you have anything about which you feel you must suffer? Is it okay for you to experience happiness?

This Principle took me a long time to get. There seemed to be a badge of honor — self-bestowed — associated with suffering and I was reluctant to give it up; it was a part of my identity. Then I became aware that ‘out there’ need not have any effect on ‘in here’ where I lived. The old saying that it matters not what happens, only what you do about it took on new meaning. I realized that I could suffer or not, I was at choice. I chose … not.

There is great freedom, and happiness, in letting go of suffering, in no longer carrying.

This does not mean that you suddenly like all aspects of your past. Stuff has happened, maybe even bad stuff; that may be the truth of your journey. But the only place where happiness resides is here and now.

Learn from your suffering, your past, then let it go. It was all some kind of gift which has helped you become who you are today. There is no value in suffering.


Coaching Point: What are you ready to quit carrying?


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