S:0988 Principle: Exits and Entrances

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


It has been said that each exit is an entrance. As you leave any thing/any where/any time (an exit) you step into what’s next (an entrance). The metaphor of a door is the most frequently used example. Passing through it represents both an exit from and an entrance to.

For several years people have suggested that I’m a fool/knave/unimaginative old fogey for continuing to send out these S3MC’s in plain text format. I’ve been accused of clinging to the technology of a thermal paper-based fax machine and a black rotary-dial land line telephone, neither of which are true. But somehow the familiar process of creating and
sharing these weekly Coaching thoughts with you just felt comfortable and so it resulted in the plain text result you’ve been receiving for over 19 years.

Well, a Luddite no more, with this issue I’m exiting the room of plain text and next week entering the colorful world of HTML. And mobile-friendly. And easily socially spread-able. It’ll even have my picture on it!

This new look is also on a brand new website which is now the repository for all-things-S3MC. The site is www.Steves3MinuteCoaching.com. Nearly 1000 past issues, a blog space to post your comments, book(s) based on the S3MC
[Money, Wealth & Freedom] and whatever gets added over time.


Coaching Point: What exit have you (too) been putting off which is keeping you from your next entrance?


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