S:1002 Great Question: Do?

(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)


“Well, okay, what am I going to DO about it?”


Coaching Point: Our wired-in responses to threats are the well-known Fight, Flight, Freeze or Faint. However, short of a full–on threat there may be no impetus to action or even to a decision.

Hand wringing is not a winning strategy. Wallowing in the situation and running the woe-is-me program isn’t either. Hoping has no heft.

Looking the situation straight in the eye and realizing we have choice, that’s where we have personal power.

The strength of this Great Question is in the conscious awareness that some action is called for, even if the choice is to do nothing right now. Conscious awareness, that’s the key.

How do you stay aware and engaged in the present so you can DO something?


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