(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)


“The unconscious mind is not polite.”

David Hawkins


Coaching Point: It’s not. The unconscious mind is rigid, demanding, unchallengeable, strident, perplexing, unwilling to change, hidden, self-perpetuating, in error, filled with stuff of questionable value, and out-of-date to your current situation. It may be scary, guilt-ridden, fearful, shamed, angry, grieving, or convinced of lack.

Because of all that who would ever want to go there?

Answer: People who have begun to suspect that their unconscious mind is indeed available for conscious review, that it’s filled with a bunch of stuff they never put there (they had ‘help’ from well-meaning positions of authority), more easily changeable than they initially thought, maybe not as scary as they first imagined, are tired of having automatic limiting responses to their world, have begun to question ‘I Can’t’, want more freedom in life, want to be happier, and know they can have it, that’s who.

Are you tired of your impolite unconscious mind? What are you doing about it?


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