(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


*** Read Attainment levels from bottom [1] to top [5]. ***

Level 5 – Aware
Transcends the four lower levels, which are all mind-based. You are open to far more inspiration, information, and clarity than ever came from thoughts alone. “My thoughts and actions support my journey, not define it.” Your future unfolds in the present moment.

Level 4 – Clued-in
It’s now obvious that your journey in this life is about more than the stuff of this life. “How did I miss the joy of this for so long?” You notice that you are part of a greater flow.

Level 3 – Beginning to be Clued-in
You suspect there may be more to you than just your physical and mental nature. “Wonder how I can be more inspired, more frequently?” It takes less effort to accomplish what you want.

Level 2 – Somewhat Clueless
You notice that on occasion something happens serendipitously which assists you on your journey. “That was nice. Oh well, back to work.”

Level 1 – Clueless
Believe you are only your mind and thoughts. Must forge your outcomes on the unyielding anvil of the world. “Why don’t they listen to me and get out of my way?” Lives in the future in order to make it come out right.


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