(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)


If you believe you own something, yet it can be taken from you, then you are merely a possessor of it. Try not paying the property taxes on a piece of land you own and see if you end up in possession of it. You probably won’t.

When you have possession of something, you have access to it. It could be a car you decided to lease rather than own.

Try controlling every aspect of your children’s lives (i.e., “own” them) and see what happens as they mature. (Okay, that’s an extreme example. No one would try to own their children throughout their lives…Right?)

To think you own something can feed the illusion of being in control of the universe.

You do not have to be an owner in order to care. A steward has access, and can respect that which they choose to access, that which they possess.

What if you adopted an attitude that you are merely, for a while, agreeably, because you want to, in possession? And let go of trying to hold on to, and own, anything?

Would you be freer as a steward-of rather than an owner-of?


Coaching Point: Of what are you a possessor and steward right now?


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