(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Today’s issue of the S3MC is the start of its 21st year. To assure that you get all the benefit from your weekly email/blog:

First, there is a database of all 1000+ issues freely available online at https://steves3minutecoaching.com. The current issue is always the first blog entry on the homepage.

Second, and I think the most useful feature, you can search for specific topics using one or more keywords (i.e. Leadership). A search will return all issues of any category and year which contain your keyword(s). You access this feature on the homepage at “Looking for anything specific?” Enter your search word(s) at “Search here:”

Third, on the right side of the homepage you can select by category (i.e. Distinctions) or by date (year and month) to see all of the issues of that category or time-frame.

Fourth, each issue has been sequentially assigned a number in the format of S:xxxx. Using the above described search feature you can bring up a specific issue using its S-number. This can be most useful when you are sharing S3MCs. Which leads to . . .

Fifth, many folks use the S3MC information to foster group discussions. There are study groups, family conversations, business meetings, and more, that have benefited from sharing an S3MC. Pretty cool use.

Sixth, you can also easily share an S3MC by clicking on its social media buttons. People in your world could also benefit from what you ‘like.’

Seventh, get the book! At Amazon – in both softback and Kindle formats – there is “Money, Wealth & Freedom, A Little Book of Working Wisdom, by Steve Straus”. It is a compilation of 70+ issues of the S3MC which target those three topics. (Oh, and then go post your 5-star reviews at Amazon!)

Thanks for reading and sharing each week. I really appreciate you spreading the word. There’s more to come on the road ahead!


Coaching Point: What is one change or improvement you’ve made in your life as a direct result of an S3MC?


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