(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


*** Read Attainment levels from bottom [1] to top [5]. ***


Level 5 – Require
There is no room for alternate action by the receiver without experiencing consequences. Requirements set limits and parameters which are non-negotiable. The need for requiring is and should be limited. They can be delivered with a neutral charge, not autocratically; they are requirements, not demands.

Level 4 – Request
A request, even strongly worded, still leaves room for the receiver to perform differently than the request. That may or may not be okay with you.

Level 3 – Suggest
Stronger than a hint. Somewhat directional. Encourages action. Sometimes used to ‘prime the pump’ to encourage creative input by the receiver.

Level 2 – Hint
Soft. Almost totally non-directional. Typically used when you are uncertain, timid, or feel somewhat powerless. It can be an occasional tool of high level teaching, but is rarely effective.

Level 1 – Withhold
Keep your wishes to yourself. Hope they divine what you want.


Coaching Point: Where are you on the scale?


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