(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


A recent book review by Cecily Sailer had some interesting language. (I haven’t read the book; it was the language in her review which caught my attention.) The book is a memoir and the reviewer said, in part, that the author “sorts her thoughts [of the past] as she does the antiques, family objects and heirlooms she accrues over the years. Is this junk, treasure, both? What to keep, what to discard? Ultimately, they’re relics, reminders of the trail she’s blazed.”

Wow. Thoughts as relics. Some useful, some not. Some to keep, some to let go of. Each a part of the journey.

Be conscious of your thoughts. Suppressing, repressing, masking, or medicating keeps them hidden, out of conscious awareness. A pricey process which withholds happiness.

Pull up the relics. Take a look. Keep the treasures. Discard the junk. Embrace the whole of your journey, but don’t drag the junk along.


Coaching Point: Thoughts as relics. What are some of your relics?


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