(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)


We do what we do because of different motivations. There are feelings behind our actions. The feelings are what provide the different motivations.

A feeling of excitement is an eager, anticipating one which draws us. When we’re excited we’re going toward some desirable outcome. WooHoo!

When we’re motivated by fear there is a very different energy. Fear drives us forward instead of drawing us. We’re trying to get away from some pain source, or at least minimize it. BooHoo!

The reason for this Distinction is because sometimes these two motivators, excitement and fear, are collapsed together and cause unnecessary turmoil. You’re trying to achieve some outcome, but there is a push-pull going on. That causes confusion, delay, maybe even freezing into no action at all.

When you find yourself stuck or confused or the journey seems unnecessarily hard, try stepping back from the situation, pause, and sort out the parts that have excitement from the parts which are about fear. Talking it through with someone can help.

Once you have some clarity, address each part separately (they nearly always need different actions) until you get the outcome you want.


Coaching Point: You know what fear feels like. Do you have as strong an awareness of excitement? Can you remember a time when both were present?


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