S:1053 Great Question: True?

(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)


“For ______ to occur, what must be true?”


Coaching Point: This Great Question has two parts.

The ______ is whatever outcome you are seeking. This future part of the question must be in place before you can look at the rest. Many other S3MC’s have covered the topic of knowing your purpose and getting clarity about what you want.

The second part of this Great Question speaks of several things.

First, being able to see the world as it is, not as you wish it to be. Yes, it may be that the world ‘should’ be a certain way, but if it isn’t, pretending that it is puts you in a place of weakness.

What is true about the world?

Next, see yourself clearly. Admittedly that’s easier said than done. Humans have a tendency to blur what we see, think, and feel about ourselves. Know your strengths, blind spots, passions, and needs.

What is true about you?

Finally, identify some reasonable steps along the way which will let you know if you are still on track. These way-points are also great places to pause and verify how you’re doing.

What is true about your journey?

Focusing on what is true, what is so, saves you from chasing rabbits down the false trails of wishing, hoping, and needing.

For ______ to occur, what must be true?


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