(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)


Have you ever bought a product you’ve used for a long time, and really like, and then discovered it’s now ‘New!’ and ‘Improved!’? Most of us have. Did you agree with the vendor that the product really is improved? Many have not.

This Distinction is rooted in positionality, that is to say, whether something is improved or not is based on your position.

To the manufacturer the changes to the product may make it easier/quicker/cheaper to make. They would then rightly call it improved.

From your position, your perspective as the consumer, you may or may not like the changes. If not, then is it really improved? Or just changed? Keeping in mind that people tend to resist change (particularly with some of their favorite tried-and-true products and services) it can be tough for a supplier to convince you that something is improved. But that’s part of their job.

Now look at what you supply to the world. It will probably change and evolve. Wonderful. But your market will be more likely to have a positive response to those changes if you focus on truly making it better.

Better from which position? Theirs. Show them how the changes, while perhaps disruptive in the moment, are better for them. How it makes their life better, richer, bigger, tastier, faster, safer, more comfortable, more exciting, more of what is important to them.

Always focus on making things better, not just on improving them.


Coaching Point: What can you make better?


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