S:1064 Principle: Ask Before Tell

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Have you noticed that successful people ask questions? Lots of questions. They seem to be constantly learning.

Have you noticed that great teachers, when you ask them a question, will frequently come back with a slightly different one which can cause you to see your question differently? They know your question comes from a limited awareness and, by inquiring, they’re helping you have a greater view.

Have you noticed that successful salespeople will first attempt to discern what you’re looking for rather than launch into a canned pitch? They know that what they have for sale is not right for everybody, so by asking questions first they are determining if yours is a situation in which they want to invest their time.

The common thread of the above situations is the Principle of Ask Before Tell.

With each communication you find yourself in, rather than spewing data/information/facts/opinions/yes, even wonderful wisdom, first inquire. About what they want. About what a desirable outcome might be. About what the point of the conversation is.

Try this when communicating: Catch yourself telling, pause, let a question arise from your awareness, and seek input. What you learn will have a great effect on what you then say.


Coaching Point: When have you benefited from Ask Before Tell?


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