(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


> Read Attainment levels from bottom [1] to top [5]. <

Level 5 – Knowing
All the levels below rely on thinking, mind stuff. As good as thinking is, there’s more for you – a gut feeling, a flash of insight, inspiration. Knowing comes from beyond your mind, yet is you and of you. There is great peace and comfort in knowing.

Level 4 – Wisdom
Knowledge, applied over time, becomes wisdom. While accurate data is always important, wisdom allows you to see beyond the mass of data. Successful people have foundations based on data, systems which report information, and are always acquiring knowledge. But they act most often on their developed wisdom. Wisdom guides you to rapid and repeating success.

Level 3 – Knowledge
Information, studied over time, becomes knowledge by informing you of comparisons, trends, patterns, limits, gaps, and opportunities. Knowledge helps you rise above ordinary, reactionary, and temporary. You are beginning to recognize your truth.

Level 2 – Information
Data, measured over time – and studied – becomes information which begins to tell you about your world. Information also contains guidance.

Level 1 – Data
Facts, figures, readings, measurements. Capturing accurate data is important. But a mass of data, in and of itself, tells you little.


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