(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


There was an interesting line in a recent movie which caught my attention. Researching it showed that, with various wording differences, it is a proverb from several cultures.

The line is, “What you lose in the fire, you find in the ashes.”

Pondering it, I missed some of the following action in the movie. The more I’ve thought about it since I see it contains some interesting coaching nuggets.

First, from time to time we do lose things in the fire. While we’re focused on creating certain outcomes something else happens and it feels like we lost what we were intending. As a result, some people focus on the loss and become immobilized. Others let the loss define them. Think of ‘losses’ you may have had in relationships, business, finances, health, and such, and notice how they felt.

Another message in the proverb is about the ashes. Ash which results from an erupting volcano is not ‘bad’ for it can be rich in nutrients and serve as terrific fertilizer for what grows after the eruption dies down. Many people fail to look for the usefulness of the ashes in their life situations.

And finally, sometimes it takes a fire to burn off the dross and reveal the value, the jewels hidden within. Nearly everyone for whom I’ve been a Coach has expressed that, looking back on a disaster/failure/screw-up/illness (’fire’) they have seen the blessing it provided. Of course, it is easier to see the blessing while looking back than while in the middle of the fire!


Coaching Point: With the next fire in your life (yes, there will probably be one) can you more quickly look to see what is to be found in the ashes rather than being stopped by the loss from the fire?


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