(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


At the gym the other morning I was focused on rehabbing my left shoulder, which had been giving me trouble for a while. As I did the exercises I realized I had also – in the previous year or so – rehabbed my left knee, right elbow, and left ankle. I thought, “Am I getting so old that I’m in constant rehab mode?” Using the ever-available resource of denial, I moved on.

Thoughts about age aside, it came to me that rehab is a useful life tool. To rehab is to return something to its state of full strength, range of application, and usefulness. In other words, to be whole and complete, and up for one’s journey.

Occasionally you may discover some area of your life which has been overextended, strained, or damaged, or through lack of use, has atrophied. This is when a rehab may be called for.

Is there strain in a relationship, are finances overextended, some neglected maintenance of your housing, missing spiritual awareness, or diminished health and vitality? It’s good to see what your current state is, where any damage may be.


Coaching Point: Is some area calling for a rehab?


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