(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


I read a phrase recently which had a lot of power in a few words. “You spot it, you got it.”

A bit of clarifying translation, “If you spot something in someone else which is upsetting you, then you have some aspect of that in yourself.”

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t notice it in them. Or at the least, you wouldn’t have a reaction to it, even if you did notice it.

People who are aware of their own ‘stuff’ and choose to let go of it report enjoying their life more than people who hold on to it. Keeping the old, which upsets, does have its payoffs – it’s a familiar source of juice. But it is expensive, and gets more so over time.

With this awareness, then, spotting, rather than upsetting, can be the trigger to help you change and grow. ‘Spot it’ becomes your friend.


Coaching Point: What have you spotted lately? Did it help you learn something about yourself? Something which is no longer useful for you to carry around?


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