S:1135 Principle: Ask

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Today’s issue of the S3MC (issue #1135) begins the 23rd year of the weekly publishing of my thoughts on life, liberty, freedom, and the human condition. Since we, you and I, are unimaginably complex beings I’ll never run out of material!

I ask that you suggest to people you care about and you think would benefit from the S3MC to subscribe.

I ask that you send me your requests for S3MC topics you’d like me to take a whack at.

I ask you to look on Amazon at the compilation of some of these S3MC’s published in my book “Money, Wealth, & Freedom” available in softback and Kindle versions.

I ask that you pause from time to time, let your thoughts and feelings rise to the highest level and imagine your world and the world at large to be as big and bright and wonderful as you can possibly imagine.

I ask that you find a place in your heart to experience meaningful compassion for yourself and gratitude for the journey you are on.


Coaching Point: I just demonstrated that asking is pretty easy. What are you asking for?


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