(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


On a recent road trip in unfamiliar territory I used my trusty old GPS. (Yes, I know there is now one bundled with my phone, but I’ve downloaded a British lady’s voice into my old GPS and I just like the way she sounds!)

Periodically we took diversions from our planned route. When we did she (the GPS voice) quickly assisted us in returning to our original travel plan.

Also, we changed our destination a couple of times and she quickly figured out the new directions to them.

Both types of ‘diversions’ caused her to speak the word “Recalculating” in a clear voice. There was no judging, exasperation, apology, or lecturing; there was no ‘charge’ to her voice at all. She merely stated the facts about what-is-so-right-now.

In life, you may get off your planned path from time to time and need to recalculate the way back on it. It’s a waste of your energy to ‘should on’ yourself for getting ‘lost.’

And you may, on the way to a planned destination (goal) decide you no longer want it and choose a new one. It’s okay; it’s your life so recalculate where you want to go now.


Coaching Point: When faced with a change can you simply say “Recalculating” and go on from there?


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