(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


When visiting with a local police officer who was part of a dog unit, I asked how his canine partner behaved when at home with the officer’s young children. He said they played together really well. When I asked how it was that a dog trained to grab and hold bad guys could behave so differently around the kiddos, he said it was the collar.

The dogs are trained with two different collars. There is the ‘work’ collar and the ‘off duty’ one. Each have their place. When off duty the dog is a large, strong, friendly family pet which enjoys playing with the children.

But when the work collar goes on (and the officer changes from civilian clothes into uniform) the dog takes on a completely different demeanor – alert and at the ready to work with and protect its alpha, the officer.

The idea here is that a similar approach can improve your life. When at ‘work,’ be at work. When at ‘not-work,’ be at not-work.


Coaching Point: Work, home, play, meditating, learning, teaching – what different ‘collars’ help you seamlessly make the transitions?


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