(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


As I was driving down the highway listening to a compilation of ‘best of’ songs, the DJ identified one as being “The #4 Song of 1985.” I had never heard it or even of it. Sounded okay.

Then I realized it was probably a very different and more exciting experience for the artists, producers, and staff who created it. “We just made it to #4!” they probably cheered.

And then the #4 song of 1985 faded from the charts.

It’s great to put your head, heart, and soul into producing outcomes which are meaningful to you. Absolutely. It’s even nice to receive some external recognition or validation of those efforts.

It’s also useful to then move on to what’s next in your life. Clinging to what was once a delightful outcome, instead of being engaged in right-here/right-now, may leave you feeling wistful and empty.

The game is here. Now.


Coaching Point: What is something which seems important now, but you suspect might not be so within a few years? Or months? Or even weeks?


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