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Your ego is not your amigo.

Jared Dillian


Coaching Point: He’s referring to having your ego-driven emotions interfere with making effective investment decisions. It’s certainly well known that buying and selling from either fear or greed is not useful.

Many think of that which is labeled ‘ego’ as a bad thing. Ego is neither good nor bad, neither amigo nor enemy. It’s simply part of the wiring of the human mind and brain. The question is: what messages does your ego transmit?

Thoughts of fear, anger, pride, guilt, victim-hood…?

Or love, joy, peace, acceptance, compassion, appreciation…?

What your egoic mind radiates is what has been programmed/stored there. Until 50 or so years ago we were stuck with the programming inherited and enhanced early in childhood. No longer.

Today simple techniques and processes are readily available for you to use to “change your mind and keep the change” so that your thoughts support your journey more effectively.

How would your day be if most of your thoughts were of love, joy, peace, inclusion, gratitude, willingness…? Do you believe that is even possible? What does your ego have to say about it?


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