(Great fears are barriers to experiencing your real life.)

[There are countless fears, yet few are of the level of the Great Fears. A Great Fear is noted by its commonness and its effect; it shows up in a large part of society and can have a numbing effect on one’s happiness.]


“What might happen, if I make a mistake?” That’s the question at the root of this Great Fear. It’s about the fear of consequences.

Actions have consequences. They can be pleasing or not. It’s the “or not” ones which trigger the fear response.

It’s useful to look at some possible outcomes of making a mistake: Being thought stupid/wrong/ill-informed? Having to start over? Wasting money? Feeling like a failure? Your list may have other entries; mine is quite long!

Who cares?! Everyone makes mistakes. Clever people learn from them and grow. Living a frozen life to avoid mistakes is, well, not really the point of life.


Coaching Point: What is one mistake you made, but which turned out really well?


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