(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


Level 1 – Ignored.
Unseen. Not noticed. Transparent. Feeling separate-from. Possibly alone and may be lonely.

Level 2 – Recognized.
Beginning to be noticed, maybe even included. You can imagine you are becoming part-of.

Level 3 – Heard.
Others listen to what you have to contribute. It is a level of influence for you. It helps to have something to say worth hearing.

Level 4 – Acknowledged.
You are having an effect. Thoroughly engaged with the world. Others are recognizing real attributes about who you are and are voicing what they notice. You are attracting more of what is important to you.

Level 5 – Gotten.
To be gotten is beyond the mental exercise of being understood. It is a visceral experience which transcends linear description. Up to this level of attainment it has been more about what others notice and think of you, but to be ‘gotten’ is about how you sense being a part of something greater. You see how the pieces fit, including the parts you play. Almost everyone enjoys the experience of being gotten.


Coaching Point: Where are you on the scale?

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