S:1187 Principle: Self-Awareness

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


As I sat down to write this S3MC I started, as usual, with a search of today’s topic in the database of past issues to see what I had already written related to it. (The database is bigger than my memory since today is the start of year 24 of these every-Wednesday-morning missives. Thank you for tagging along. I mean, really, thank you. You have been a continual source of inspiration and guidance.)

The search showed me this Self-Awareness topic is one I’ve touched on several times. At first I thought to move on to another topic, but the subject wouldn’t let go. It had me. I sat quietly and asked what it had to say. The answer was simple:

Just remind people (and yourself!) that Self-Awareness is a foundation Principle of a life well-lived.

Low self-awareness causes problems, problems we believe come from the outside when, in truth, they arise from our limited worldview, our lack of awareness. This can keep us mired in an exhausting stream of whack-a-mole-style problem solving.

Higher levels of self-awareness show us more options, choices, resources, opportunities, co-creators, alternatives, and delightful outcomes.

As soon as you choose to seek to become more self-aware, you are. The intention is answered immediately. Your new greater self-awareness then leads you to the next level. Having the intention to be more self-aware is all it takes. That and time.


Coaching Point: Do you know anyone who has topped-out in self-awareness? Really? How is that even possible?


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