(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Read a book recently about consciousness, awareness, and clarity, in which the author made an interesting comment. He said, ”Most input is anecdotal, transitory, and illusory.”

My first reaction was to push back, disagree with him. As I prepared my argument I first had to state what was true that was different from his position. After a while I realized I was stumped.

Everything – as David Hawkins famously observed – is positional, that is, based on our position or frame of reference. Which is rooted in our beliefs, experiences, intellect, and, yes, consciousness, awareness, and clarity.

Mine is different from yours, yours from hers, hers from – everyone else. We are, each of us, operating from unique, non-duplicative positions. Our private view of life, the universe, everything, shades and filters what we assume we know to be real.


Coaching Point: What do you suppose might happen if you, every once in a while, pretended you didn’t know what was real and instead simply sat with what presented itself without you adding any interpretation?


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